Pearl Powder™ Price List

Pearl Powder™ is made by refining high quality Seawater pearls using a proprietary high-tech biochemical process. This marine powder is completely water soluble, and can be easily absorbed by human body up to 95%, 4 times more than ordinary pearl powder. This premium Powder can be used as an additive to nutritional food, food supplements, beverage products and cosmetics, and personal care products.

Scientific Evidence

Quality Control & GMP Certificate

Sarah's Pearl Crème - 1 oz. - $29.95
6.95 Shipping and Handling

Sarah's Pearl Crème - 2 oz. - $45.95
8.95 Shipping and Handling

Pearl Powder - 1 oz. - $24.95
5.95 Shipping and Handling

Pearl Powder - 2 oz. - $41.95
6.95 Shipping and Handling

Pearl Powder - 1 (5 oz) $80.00
$9.95 shipping and handling.

Pearl Powder - 2 (5 oz) $129.95
$11.95 shipping and handling.

Pear Powder - 3 (5 oz) $175.00

Available in 1/2 Kg (1.1 oz) & 1 Kg (2.20 lb) Packages

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