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Age Defying Pearl Powder

We source the highest quality of Pearl Powder
from around the world. A true Marine Treasure.

For Serious Health And Beauty Lovers

Superior High Quality For Radiant Health,
Goddess Beauty and Ageless Skin

Age Defying Pearl Powder™ is 4000 mesh for Perfect absorbability and efficacy. We aced the tests by WHO GMP for product control, integrity, purity and safety. They guarantee that our product is of Most astounding quality.

Made With Premium High Refining Quality Pearls - Medical Grade AAA* 100% Natural * NO Additives * NO Chemicals * NO Heavy Metals. Uses the latest, state of the art technology. FDA Approved.

It only takes a few minuets of your time to stay young, healthy and beautiful with this impeccable pulverized powder.

Scientific Evidence

Quality Control & GMP Certificate

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The ocean contains an array of bio-active molecules that have been researched for their health and beauty benefits, one such aquatic material is a pearl. Pearl and its grounded pure pearl powder are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for beauty treatments and various ailments. It has been used for over 3000 years for lustrous, beautiful skin...a treasure has been used to promote good health and vitality, as well as beautifying the skin. It is renown for fighting signs of aging and disease.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that benefit the skin, pearls have a lot more to offer than its beauty as an adornment. China praises these precious gems for their anti-aging properties. It has a magical effect on the human body; the health and beauty benefits are staggering. Taken internally or applied externally, Pearl Powder brings a pearlescent shimmer to the skin and perfects the overall color, texture, and appearance of the complexion. It provides miraculous medicinal properties to the body and stimulates healing. Pearl Powder stops and even reverses aging.

What is Pearl Powder?

Pearl powder is a finely milled powder from quality pearls and its naturally compatible and easily absorbed by the skin and body. The medicinal and beauty benefits of pearls are proven to be non-toxic and harmless to ingest and when apply topically to skin. It also clears away toxic materials from the body.

Age Defying Pearl Powder™ comes from Genuine, 100% Pure, Pearls renown for their healing and beautifying properties. They are disinfected to enhance their purity.

Pearl Powder contains over 90 vital minerals essential to your well-being, along with proteins and peptides which contribute to the body's antioxidant defense system, and other trace elements; non-protein acid - taurine, which aids in inflammation and relieves vision and skin fatigue. It also contains vitamins A, the entire vitamin B group, C, D E, H and K, amino acids and antibacterial substances. In fact, sea water pearl powder contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as the human blood plasma.

Minerals include calcium, magnesium, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, magnesium carbonate, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, strontium, silicon, ferric oxide, silica.

The essential amino acids are: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, and non-essential amino acids; aspartic acid, glycine, alanine, glutamic acid, tyrosine, and serine.

These essential building blocks of collagen and protein each have a specific function. Lacking any one of the key amino acids cause the skin to become dry, faded and wrinkled. Researchers claim that various components of pearl can stimulate the metabolism's activities of the genetic material in a cell - the DNA and RNA - thus promotes and accelerates the regeneration of new cells.

Our Seawater Pearl Powder is 4000 mess (fineness) for peak performance. Nanoscale Pearl Powder, 6,000 mess or higher can be purchased at a higher cost, however because of it's fineness, organic molecules such as protiens are lost in the milling process. The value of the formulation approach needed for Nanoscale makes for poorly water-soluble pulmonary medicines. The method of development of nano pearl powder, although the primary particles is small, dispersion is poor, as is the medicines, and the health product is not high.

Our Pearl Powder is ultrafine powder and is not subject to the mixing process of dispersant, suspension stabilizers, and fungicides, as Nano Pearl Powder's higher mess count is. Our Pearl Powder is Pure, no toxins are used in the processing.

Are Oysters Harmed Or Die When The Pearl Is Removed?

Harvesting pearls does NOT harm or kill the oyster, on the contrary, Pearl Farming improves the quality of life within the oyster. Pearl farmers take great care not to harm their oysters in the harvesting process. The harvester very carefully opens the oyster and removes the pearl using a surgical instrument. Removing a pearl does not harm the oyster, in fact, they can then insert a new nucleus and grow another pearl inside of the same oyster.

The Power Of Calcium In Pearl Powder

Calcium carbonate when taken internally, strengthens bones, muscles and nerves. In fact, Scientist revealed that pearl can activate new bone foundation and development, and increase bone mineralization. Pearl taken internally slows down the aging process, build cells, protects us from bacteria, viruses, and the development of cancer cells. Scientific studies show Pearl Powder to be the finest source of calcium available. It was absorbed nearly twice as well as regular calcium carbonate with vitamin D in a double-blind crossover study.

French scientists have proven that pearl can reduce bone loss. Chinese scientists have discovered that calcium from pearl is more easily absorbed by the body than the regularly used calcium. They found it delivers significant high bone mineral density (HBMD), high bone calcium content and high total bone weight. Scientists have discovered that pearl is one of the most effective ways to prevent osteoporosis. The DNA involved in the creation of peal is nearly identical to the part of the human DNA that is responsible for the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body.

"Osteoporosis, which means "porous bones," causes bones to become weak and brittle, so brittle that even mild stresses like bending over, lifting a vacuum cleaner or coughing can cause a fracture. In most cases, bones weaken when you have low levels of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals in your bones. A common result of osteoporosis is fractures - most of them in the spine, hip or wrist. Although it's often thought of as a women's disease, osteoporosis also affects many men. And aside from people who have osteoporosis, many more have low bone density.

It's never too late - or too early - to do something about osteoporosis".

Definition by Mayo Clinic Staff.

Pearl Powder will keep your bones strong and healthy throughout your aging years.

What mysteriously lies deep within the pearl has the power to renew and restore the entire human body. Pearl Powder dramatically reverses the aging process: It suspends the evidence of time. You can actually turn back the hands of time with Pearl Powder.

Pearl Powder - For Beautifying The Skin & Longevity Studies in China have proven that Pure pearl powder enhances the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the antioxidant enzyme which quickly and thoroughly removes melanin or pigmentation, thus to make skin whiter and brighter. It will not however, if you are a person of color, whiten the overall color of your skin. And because SOD eliminates free radicals, skin aging can be prevented. Royal inhabitants of the Chinese Imperial Palace swore by the miraculous rejuvenating effects of pearl powder, which they used for healing and skin brightening.

It has special attributes for removing acne, acne scars, skin ulcers, melasma (which causes freckles, age spots, and dark patches on the skin), wrinkles, as well as nourishes the skin and makes it smooth, fine, elastic, healthy and naturally beautiful. Pearl also contains a natural sunscreen.

Pearl Powder Builds And Replenishes Lean Muscle Mass:

As you've probably heard from any muscle-bound behemoth, protein is the key to building muscle. Your body is constantly draining its protein reserves for other uses, like making hormones. The result is less protein available for maintaining or building muscle. The fact is, muscle is absolutely vital to our overall health.

Pearl Powder builds and replenishes lean muscle mass because of it's high protein content. Protein is composed of building blocks called amino acids which performs a variety of functions in the body such as building and maintaining healthy muscles when combined with diet and exercise. Getting enough protein is critical for optimal muscle gain.

Aside from allowing us to move freely to perform everyday tasks, muscles play a pivotal role in boosting our metabolism and immune systems, as well as increasing bone strength and aiding weight loss.

A study published in the Public Library of Science ‘One’ journal found that low muscle mass may be an early predictor of diabetes, independent of body fat. In other words, it’s possible that regardless of your body fat percentage, the less muscle you have the more likely you are to develop diseases such as diabetes.

Muscle mass is also essential for bone protection. The larger the muscles around our joints and bones, the less likely we are to injure them. This layer not only protects against breaks and dislocations but as our tendons and cartilage grow stronger with our muscles, we also become less susceptible to sprains and tears.

There is an array of health benefits that muscle mass offers.

Gaining muscle mass doesn’t mean you must become a bodybuilder, but by adding protein to your diet, you are opening up not just great physical benefits and protections, but emotional well-being as well.

Pearl Powder is a complete protein, supplying all nine essential amino acids. If you’re looking to up your protein intake, try pearl powder today. Protein is an extremely important macro nutrient and that should be taken daily.

The Health & Beauty Benefits Of Pearl Powder

Health & Beauty Benefits Of Pearl Powder

Where To buy Pearl Powder

It seems everyone jumped on the bandwagon seeking to sell this magical powder, but many have gotten ill, and or have had adverse reactions on their skin. There is a lot of fake powder out there, so it is wise to be careful what you buy and who you buy it from.

If they don't have a GMP Certificate, you'll want to run as fast as you can. Good manufacturing practice (GMP, also referred to as 'cGMP') a system that ensures that medicinal products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required for specification. GMP covers all aspects of production; from the starting materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.

You will also want to be careful of the mess, or fineness. Anything above 6000 mess is mixed with dispersant, suspension stabilizer, and fungicide, then sheared at a high-speed, using a high speed shearing machine, that's why it is so expensive. Less than 6000 mess must be sterilized of course, but it is not mixed with any dispersant or fungicides. Be sure whoever you purchase pearl powder from has a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), which will specify the content and toxicity.

We have a GMP Certificate, a COA Certificate and all the details on Quality Control.

DANGERS Of FAKE Pearl Powder & How It Can RUIN Your Skin & Health - Read Full Article.

When you buy Pearl Powder, be sure you buy Pure, Natural, High quality Pearl Powder. Our Pearl Powder comes directly from the great South Sea of China. It is not Mother of Pearl! Though both Mother of pearl and Natural Pearls are made from nacre, the Mother of pearl is formed in the shell linings, and Natural Pearl is formed when a foreign body is enclosed within a shell. Natural pearls are made of calcium carbonate, where mother of pearl is not. Mother of pearl is significantly less expensive than their natural counterparts.

What makes Seawater Pearl Powder better than Freshwater Pearl Powder?

The ocean contains an array of bioactive molecules that are actively being researched for their health benefits, one such aquatic material is a pearl. There are numerous minerals, nutrients and stable pH measurements in Saltwater that Freshwater has not. Sea pearls contain a wide variety of natural minerals because the ocean is full of minerals and nutrients. Seawater contains more dissolved ions than freshwater. However, the ratios of solutes differ dramatically. For instance, although seawater contains about 2.8 times more bicarbonate than lake, river, or pond water based on molarity, the percentage of bicarbonate in seawater as a ratio of all dissolved ions is far lower than in river water. Bicarbonate ions also constitute 48% of river water solutes but only 0.14% of all seawater ions. Differences like these are due to the varying residence times of seawater solutes; sodium and chlorine have very long residence times, while calcium (vital for carbonate formation) tends to precipitate much more quickly. The most abundant dissolved ions in seawater are sodium, chloride, magnesium, sulfate and calcium.

Nutrients in Seawater

Essential for the growth of sea plants, nitrogen is an important part of the ocean ecosystem. Nitrogen is released into seawater when dead plants begin decomposing, and the feces of marine life directly contribute to the levels of nitrogen in seawater. Nitrogen is also an essential nutrient for humans, making up approximately 3 percent of the human body, according to LiveScience.com.

Much like nitrogen, phosphorous is a dissolved nutrient found in seawater that is important for plant growth. Because most dead plant and marine fecal matter falls to the bottom of the ocean, the greatest concentrations of phosphorous can be found near the sea bed, according to MarineBio.net. Phosphorous is found in human bones and helps keep them strong.

Potassium is another dissolved nutrient that aids in healthy plant growth. It is found in the highest concentrations near the sedimentary bottom of the sea bed. This nutrient is vital to the human body, as it helps regulate your heart beat.

The majority of sulfur on Earth is found in seawater or sedimentary rocks that may have previously been, or still are, under water. Sulfur in seawater occurs mainly in the form of sulfate or sodium chloride, according to SeaFriends.org. This seawater nutrient helps proteins in the human body take shape, so it's an important element of thalassotherapy.

Magnesium is the third most abundant ion found in seawater, according to AdvancedAquarist.com. It is typically found in seawater at levels reaching higher than 1,200 parts per million, or ppm. Magnesium plays a big part in reef ecosystems in terms of the calcification of numerous types of organisms. In other words, it takes the place of calcium in many cases. According to LiveScience.com, "Magnesium plays an important role in the human body because it plays an integral role in over 300 metabolic reactions in the body." Proper formation of bones and teeth, Relaxation of blood vessels, Action of your heart muscle, Promotion of proper bowel function and Regulation of blood.

Calcium is a nutrient found in seawater that is required by many sea organisms. Calcium ions float freely for the most part, although they do occasionally bond with other ions, such as sulfate, carbonate and bicarbonate. Calcium is used in reef ecosystems to form calcium carbonate skeletons. These skeletons are essential for the survival of many marine creatures, such as crabs, lobsters, oysters and corals. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and it is an essential part of healthy bones and teeth. This nutrient, like most others contained in seawater, can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, which is basically how thalassotherapy works, according to Pureinsideandout.com.

This makes Seawater Pearl Powder Pure, naturally grown in Saltwater, then crushed and shipped to your door. Freshwater Pearl Powder lacks the minerals and nutrients needed for a Pure, Premium Pearl Powder. Our Pearl Powder has no additives, no chemicals, it is Pure, Genuine, Medical Grade.

How Does Pearl Powder Taste

Depending on the taste buds, pearl powder may have a mild fishy aftertaste, without any peculiar smell. If it is yellow, sour or tastes burnt, then you should not choose it, for it is a remnant powder. Authentic Pearl Powder does not contain enzymolysis (Chemical change or cleavage of a substance by enzymatic action which removes the taste of fish) thus it may have very slight fish taste, if any taste at all. Our Pearl Powder is Chemical, enzymolysis Free, with no Shuck or Gypsum added - It is Pure, Authentic, Real - Not Fake.

Authentic powder is a matte white in color and should not have any light reflective particles in the powder. When you rub it against your fingers, it should feel like a smooth fine powder, not sandy, coarse, or gritty.

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The texture of your pearl powder is much better than anything else I have used. It absorb right into the skin. I really love it. I replaced all of my face creams and serums so I could put your pearl powder in them.
EV, Wyoming

The very first time I used Pearl Powder I was amazed at how soft and silky my skin became, after the first application. Everyone says my skin looks like a young woman's. My wrinkles have softened and are fading away, and the tone and texture is amazing. I love Pearl Powder, I just wish I had found it earlier in my life.

I take in abused and abandoned animals and I put a little pearl powder in their food. It helps them calm down and makes their coats glisten and shine. I also take Pearl Powder daily and I feel Great and my skin looks Amazing.
VW, Canada

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